Read This – Has Your Manager Been Hire to Their Level of Incompetency?

I can see currently there is very little loyalty left between employees and corporations. Just because an employee is intelligent, hardworking, on time, and loyal doesn’t help them overly be eligible for promotions. Most corporations today seem to hire management from outside than promoting inside. The long-term staff most times gets a new manager who is clueless how things work there. Which means the staff is indirectly responsible in helping train their new manager, who then tries changing systems that have been working smoothly for years. The problem is most times what the manager wants them to change isn’t prudent. The staff must do what their boss asks even if it makes no sense, and because of these types of requests things become chaotic not better. In today’s world management experience is not as important as a degree, why is this happening?

I believe there are many people in management positions with a business degrees who can’t think outside the box. Some of their management decisions I’ve witnessed are stunning to me. Let’s veer back to decades ago when capitalism was good, and socialism was frowned upon in this country. A person who came-up with sound business plans were encourage to start a venture, and was provided financing through their banks. Many of these entrepreneurs had a natural ability when it came to business, not requiring degrees to make them successful. The people they hired were like them, ambitious wanting to move up in life willing to paying their dues. The employees that stood-out who were intelligent owners groomed for management. Once promoted the owners were confident in their abilities to manage. They knew these managers had the knowledge and skill set to help grow the business even further. Those managers developed other exceptional people to move-up as they continued to climb the ladder. There was no need to micromanage their managers, because they were confident in their abilities. They were free to set their own standards because of having done the jobs themselves. Today managers are not given the same degree of confidence by companies, and are not allowed to make decisions without authorization. Here is why I think this is happening, and the reason for corporations hiring more figure-head type managers then overly ambitious ones.

Not only has the government indirectly destroyed the concept of small business, but also handcuffed corporations as well. There are so many governmental labor and safety laws in place, it is almost impossible to operate a business freely. Not to mention what a business must do when incidents happens involving an insurance claim. I feel corporations hire people with degrees because they’re more able to learn and understand employment laws. The hands-on running of the business is secondary, they’re modules and studying times how to manage their stores.

The bottom-line is if you think your manager has been hired to their level of incompetency, the truth is that’s not so. The corporation hired them to be a watchdog making sure all legalities and standards are in place. The secondary part is the skillset in being an effective productive manager. If you’re looking for advice or technical business assistance from your manager, it might be very disappointing.

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